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George Lucas eating lunch in an Adelaide food court is the best thing you’ll see today

Words by Walter Marsh March 16, 2016

One of Adelaide’s most pretty okay food courts got a touch of intergalactic fame this afternoon when George Lucas, the guy who created Star Wars, swung by for a bite to eat.

According to The Advertiser, old mate Georgie is in town while his wife Mellody Hobson attends a conference in her capacity as high-flying chair of Dreamworks Animation.

Like many retirees taking it easy after selling their business for a casual $4 billion, Lucas was spied reading a physical copy of the paper, rocking the classic sneans look and taking advantage of the post-lunch-rush calm to grab some casual chow.

There is photographic evidence of course, captured by Twitter user Gabrielle Fusco. It is just great.

You will never be as relaxed as this multi-billionaire and hugely influential cultural icon chilling with a Diet Coke combo meal. We immediately whipped down to see if we could spy a glimpse of Lucas, but alas like the Sand People of the Jundland Wastes it seems he was easily startled.

Here’s our man at the scene:

Fellow diners responded with “who?” and “we don’t recognise that man”, but speculation as to what Lucas ordered is already mounting. At the moment we suspect he ate lunch first, then went back and had an entrée which failed to live up to the hype.

We also cannot rule out that after deciding against dessert, a younger man behind him in the queue may or may not have ordered a little something extra and found it was actually really, really good – much to George’s chagrin.

Unfortunately we were unable to track down Lucas to find out where he stands on the Adelaide Fringe debate, if he thinks Lawrence Mooney is sexist or whether a nuclear waste dump is a viable plan for South Australia. But in our defence, it is very hard to find a greying retiree wandering around a department store at 2.00pm on a Wednesday afternoon – the place is full of them.

One thing’s for sure, we now know which Adelaide food court can claim the honour of being “a place George Lucas walked through while feeling hungry”. Kudos, David Jones, kudos.

If you’ve spotted Lucas around town, hit us up at And, if possible, give the guy a high five both for inventing Star Wars and being true 2 himself.

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Twitter / Gabrielle Fusco