Rip It Up


The Naked Magicians

4.5 4.5

When you enter the majestic doors to The Lotus Palace and are first welcomed by a blow-up sex doll in the corner, you know you’re in for a show. A show that is best to leave the kids and husband at home for, and round up your girlfriends for a naughty night out at the Fringe instead! Oh and when they say ‘naked’ magicians, they really mean naked, no clothes… at all.

Charming, handsome and extremely confident duo, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are the whole package – comedians/talented magicians/sexy strippers. But despite the fact that majority of the women would pay a similar amount to just watch them dance around and take their clothes off all night, their magic skills were of high quality and left me pondering exactly how they did that from card tricks to almost smashing an audience member’s phone. Their stage show has been cultivated and crafted perfectly to fit and build upon their confident and humorous personalities, but what made this duo so powerful, was not their magic tricks, but the way they interacted and engaged every audience member in that marquee. From activities like throwing a blown up penis around the room to inviting guests on stage, even some of the unlucky men dragged along seemed to still gain amusement and interacted as much as some of the females.

They tick all the boxes to an amazing show – audience engagement, high quality performance, outstanding magic tricks, humorous and a bit of eye candy and, well, a blow-up penis didn’t hurt anyone!