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Review: Cameron James & Jared Jekyll: PARADISE

Words by The Fix February 28, 2014

The multi-talented James and Jekyll drew the audience immediately into their loopy world, seducing us with layered beat-box, guitar-powered rap, hilarious mime and word play, before plunging into their wickedly playful, uniquely imaginative absurdist nightmare. Movie and pop-culture references abounded as the drama and situational comedy ascended to new heights. This crazy adventure has it all; drugs, sex, birth, exorcism, attempted cannibalism (some of it simulated).

Finally the lads emerged into the light of a new day and a new song and mime. James and Jekyll brought melodic, tuneful voices and twisted lyrics to their witty ditties, and snappy timing to the dialogue. Epic in proportion, this really is a tale not to be missed. Their surreal dystopian paradise turned the small stage into a panoramic vista that you may want to visit again.

The interplay and synergy between the performers was thrilling, their charm infectious.

Rating: 3.5
Ian Newton
Cameron James & Jared Jekyll: PARADISE continues at 
Gluttony – The Piglet until Sun Mar 2.


Cameron James & Jared Jekyll: PARADISE


Gluttony – The Piglet


Thu Feb 27


3.5 out of 5