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Em Rusciano in ‘Divorce – The Musical’

Review: Em Rusciano in ‘Divorce – The Musical’

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Em Rusciano is an irrepressible force of nature. Cutting straight to the heart of the matter with some well-placed Adele, Rusciano is raw, honest and hysterically funny as she travails the highs and lows of marriage, divorce, dating, parenthood and moving back in with your parents.

Having no qualms talking about pubes in front of her father, even if he is a brilliant accompanist and a deadset legend, Rusciano holds court with a fiery command and a voice so amazing it was all I could do to not stare at the goose bumps on my arms. Heckling was welcomed and, heck, even encouraged – with Rusciano turning every whoop and murmur from the crowd into a new opportunity to hilariously inspire sisterhood.

She may have gone through hell to get here but in Divorce – The Musical, Em Rusciano truly proves that being fabulous is the best revenge.

Nikki Mott


Em Rusciano in ‘Divorce – The Musical’


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