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Review: Jon Bennett: Fire In The Meth Lab

Words by The Fix February 24, 2014

The meth lab paraphernalia littering the stage is the starting point for a fantastic show – like Breaking Bad but with slides. This is the story of Tim Bennett as told by his brother Jon; starting from where it all went very wrong, Bennett pieced together the heartfelt but hilarious journey that transformed a country boy and preacher’s son to meth lab cook.

Each episode helped to build the story of the descent. From the prejudice of knock-knock jokes to a wonderfully descriptive account of the drive back from a family funeral and the concept of the vomit punch, Bennett brought all the parts together in a superb mix of black humour and pathos. All this, plus plenty of ’80s nostalgia in old photos and a wonderfully creepy Jason Donovan board game as loved by young girls (and Tim).

True story or tall tale? It doesn’t matter; it’s brilliant either way.

Rating: 4.5
Jim Hilditch
Jon Bennett: Fire In The Meth Lab continues at Tuxedo Cat @ Raj House – Room 4 until Mon Mar 3.


Jon Bennett: Fire In The Meth Lab


Tuxedo Cat @ Raj House – Room 4


Fri Feb 21


4.5 out of 5