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Sounds Like a Story

3.5 3.5

Sounds Like a Story is the creation of Adelaide musical duo Sophia MacRae (clarinet/vocals) and John Bienvenue (guitar/vocals) – two very accomplished musicians with some tales to tell.

For 45 minutes, the audience are treated to a set of original songs which were created from moments in MacRae and Bienvenue’s individual lives.

Some instrumental, some lyrically poetic, but all polished and reflective of their collective experience, each song had a story, which MacRae introduced to us with ease and charisma, as if we were all old friends.

Mix La Boheme’s bohemian atmosphere with an evening of gentle blues, relaxed jazz and some good, old fashioned, knees-up ragtime, and it felt as if we were at a late-night, smoky speakeasy, despite being 6pm on Grote Street, Adelaide.

Both musicians have honed their craft and have a huge amount of respect for each other, which is evident by the way they complimented each other’s song writing between songs.

With instrumental and vocal harmonies and a range of melodic, beautifully written music, Sounds Like a Story sounds like a great way to spend an evening.

Sounds Like a Story played for one night only, but we will hear more from this duo as they embark on their musical journey in Adelaide.

Words by Libby Parker