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Reviews: Improvised Improv

Words by The Fix February 21, 2014

It all began as a simple note from an audience member with ‘The Infected Ink’ written on it. What followed was a detailed story of an outrageous adventure that tore a family apart, drove submarine crew captains mad and saw a man fight a giant octopus!

This style of improvisation is the premise for the hilarious antics of the four-man cast known as the Changing Jennifers. Their ability to create an entire story with multiple subplots from scratch, using just a random title, was extremely impressive. The experienced quartet had the audience in stiches, exhibiting great chemistry as they alternated on stage to play out different scenes. The commitment put into each character that they just made up was simply outstanding. They even somehow managed to pull together a final scene that genuinely connected all the improvised sub plots.

All in all an entertaining hour of hysterical improvised chaos!

Rating: 4
Jonathan Boyd
Improvised Improv continues at Directors Hotel until Thu Mar 13.


Improvised Improv


Directors Hotel


Thu Feb 20


4 out of 5