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L’Atelier Gourmand Review

Words by Paul Wood April 11, 2013

Adelaide, je t’aime. I’m sorry Paris, but it seems I won’t be needing you for a while thanks to a new artisan café that recently opened in Goodwood just next to the Capri Theatre. L’Atelier Gourmand, which translates in English to ‘greedy workshop’, is a bohemian-themed coffee house that pays homage to its Parisian roots in more ways than one while showcasing the best of South Australian ingredients in it’s French-inspired menu. Chef Guillaume Galvez has brought more than just his accent to town, introducing us to the best of France through a simple but delicious array of sweet and savoury delights. 

People often say that you take your first mouthful with your eyes but there is no time for that here, because the second your perfectly toasted ham, cheese and béchamel filled croissant lands on your table you won’t be able to wait. Other breakfast options include the L’Atelier Gourmand special, which consists of a homemade spiced herb pastry topped with Barossa Valley speck, spinach, sun-dried tomato, a poached egg and (more) béchamel sauce, or the saussice lentilles, which includes a kransky and speck combination served on top of a bed of lentils. 

An even shorter list makes up the lunch menu, but with dishes including chicken breast marinated in thyme, rosemary and garlic and seared and served with a port, caramelised onion and fresh mushroom sauce, or perhaps a medium rare scotch fillet steak served with a sauvignon blanc and peppercorn sauce, I’m not sure that you’ll be complaining. Like all good French establishments there is always a ‘plat du jour’, and their coffee is some of the best I’ve tried, locally at least. I can only assume that Air France had a sale on when the folks behind this fantastique café were heading over to our fine city, as the dishes here are also very well priced, with brunch options between $5-$15, lunch options $15-$25 and desserts for $10 or less.

L’Atelier Gourmand is a cosy little space with views right into the kitchen where you can hear the staff chattering away in their native tongue and often catch a waft of sweet buttery goodness in the air. So while you’re sitting there enjoying your croque monsieur dreaming of lazy days in the Montmartre and you hear a shriek of “Oh, mon dieu!”, don’t be alarmed, it’s likely that they’ve just taken a bite of the brioche perdue with salted butter caramel sauce and berry sorbet and just need a little moment to recover.

WHAT: L’Atelier Gourmand
WHERE: Cnr Goodwood Rd and Gilbert St, Wayville (across from Capri Theatre)
WHEN: Tue – Sun 9am – 4pm

Images: Andre Castellucci

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